Direct from farm to your door, Euro Mice ships with a cooler and dry ice which is required to keep goods frozen.

Frozen Rats

Frozen rats are ideally suitable for large snakes, boas, pythons, reptiles, lizards, birds of prey, as well as for small carnivores. This kind of feed for your pets offers natural diet balanced by nature, containing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Rats are natural balanced feedstuffs for lizards, reptiles, snakes, birds of prey, etc. Such feedstuffs are exactly what your pets need. Most pet lizards, snakes, frogs, toad and salamanders feed eagerly only on rats.

Rats offered for feedstuffs by the company EURO MICE are white (except for newborn rats). They are grown in silence and peace, in a well-ventilated facility at +22 – 26 °C. These rodents drink high quality water and they are fed with special feedstuffs balanced on company’s order and supplied by manufacturers of feedstuffs. Our breeders constantly carry out genomic selection in order to maintain the top quality of products. All rats are weighed and sorted manually, so we guarantee that frozen rats of every category will be identical in mass.