EURO MICE is a company of breeding mice, rats and involved in wholesale and retail trade of frozen mice and rats

EURO MICE is expanding its activities constantly and is always looking for wholesale and retail partners.

euro-mice-2-2Frozen Mice

Mice are natural feed
for lizards, ferrets,
reptiles, snakes and different birds.
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Frozen Rats

Frozen rats are ideally suitable for big snakes, pythons, reptiles, lizards.
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     100% QUALITY


head of mice breeders

About us

EURO MICE is a company involved in breeding mice and rats. The company continuously invests in product quality, productivity, technology upgrades and motivation of employees.

The plans are achieved and exceed our expectations every year. This approach to business turned our company EURO MICE into one of the largest mice and rat breeders in Europe.


Why choose us?

The company EURO MICE has 13 years experience in breeding rodents for feedstuffs. Our products have already been evaluated by the exotic animal breeders from the Great Britain, Germany and Norway

Our advantage is that we are one of the largest mice and rats breeders in Europe: we can offer over 800,000 units of frozen products per month, and this allows us to provide the best terms and the required amounts of production to you.