Direct from farm to your door, Euro Mice ships with a cooler and dry ice which is required to keep goods frozen.

About Us

In implementation of the development plan in Europe, EURO MICE company started its activities in Lithuania in 2002. The activities of the company are based on the business model: breeding mice and rats for feedstuffs, manufacture of furniture (terrariums) for reptiles.

S. Birgiola, Director of EURO MICE:
“We constantly invest in the implementation of quality systems, their support and improvement to make the productivity of EURO MICE more efficient.”

The aim of our quality policy is to provide our customers with safe high quality products, so that the value of the products would turn into understandable wish to choose our products over and over again.

We achieve the desired results through the application of appropriate rodent breeding, care and feeding technologies and adhering to the requirements of sanitary and hygiene standards.


Stages of growth of the company EURO MICE:

  • In 2004 – 300,000 mice per month sale;
  • In 2005 – the company added manufacture of furniture for reptiles (terrariums) and slugs to its activities;
  • In 2008 – 400,000 mice per month sale;
  • In 2010 – the company started breeding rats;
  • In 2011 – introduction of automated processes, i.e. watering places, feeders, wash-houses;
  • In 2013 – optimization of feedstuffs system;
  • In 2022 – 600,000 mice per month sale.

Our current capacity is 800,000 mice and 150,000 rats per month.


Over 70 employees are working at EURO MICE today: highly qualified specialists, production line workers, veterinarians, breeders, feedstuffs technologists, terrarium designers, etc.

The employees of the company are the key factor in assuring the high quality of products, so the company takes great care of their training, development and improvement of their working conditions. Quality assurance is the key strategy of the company, and every employee of the company is well aware of the principles of quality and hygiene policy and is consciously involved in the implementation of the objectives set.

EURO MICE is a company involved in wholesale and retail trade that can offer top quality products for reasonable prices and delivery of the products to your door.